Monday, July 30, 2007

Tomatoes everywhere

Dan and I went to Yakima last weekend for a quick vacation without Hannah, who stayed with her grandparents for the night. We had a great time wine tasting and road tripping together and we came home with a very large amount of produce. It seemed like a good idea while we were there and I've always enjoyed canning. However now we're in the middle of this canning project that is threatening to overtake the kitchen and our very lives. It is a lot of work to peel and chop 40 pounds of tomatoes, there is just no denying that. So far we have 7 pints of salsa (minus one that was dropped on the deathly tile floor on the way to its home in the closet), 6 pints of basic tomato sauce, 3 quarts of pizza sauce, 8 quarts of pickles (which, by the way, we go through at a current rate of 1 jar per year), a very messy kitchen and a full cupboard. I still have half of our 40 pounds of tomatoes to go too. Guess what you may get in your stocking this year.

Ebay Here I Come

I have been scared of ebay for awhile now. I am not really sure why. I sell books on Amazon, which is functionally the same. Anyway I finally took the plunge yesterday and posted some great stuff I have but don't have a place for anymore. Its hard though. I loved some of my great finds, but at least this way I know they will go to someone who cares. We'll see. They may not even sell and then I forced to consider sending them back to the home from which they came. (aka the thrift store)