Saturday, May 31, 2008

First I wanted to say sorry for the hiatus to any readers I may have left. Our move ended up taking up a lot more energy than I thought and I just never could bring myself to post. On the upside I now have a back log of thrifty finds to blog about so maybe I can lure some readers back with my frequent posts and amazing finds. To re-launch my blog I begin with another free find below:
First you may need a little back story. Our closets in our new house are really weird. Basically you can't really hang things in them so we have a big need for some shelves and/or drawers for both ours and DD's closet. While walking home from the grocery store with a bag of groceries and DD in the stroller I saw the above shelving cart for free on the side of the road. It looked like it would work great to hold all the blankets, diapers and misc stuff in DD's closet. However it also required an additional two hands. Since I was pushing the stroller the only two hands available were DD's. So I unloaded her and she pushed the cart for almost 4 blocks. (it was very slow going.) That is when things took a bad turn. We came to a busy road and I had to get her, the groceries, the stroller and this cart across the street at once. (It involved a screaming child under my arm.) Once across the street DD was so mad about what had just happened she could only lay on the ground and scream while I pondered how much this cart was worth and how much I would pay to be out of this situation. With two blocks to go I had to get screaming kid, stroller, groceries and cart home by myself which was more than a little tricky. Once we got home both DD and I were crying and the whole thing seemed like a really bad idea. However the cart does work great in DD's closet and it gives me a story for my blog so we'll count it an upside.
Thanks for reading my blog again. I'll be posting regularly now, I promise.