Saturday, March 29, 2008

These shoes are not meant for walking

Another quick post for a cute find from my thrift store adventures with Kara in Fort Collins, Colorado. Above are a pair of Robeez crib shoes for babies. In Seattle everybody loves these shoes so I rarely see them at thrift stores. These are size 0-6 months so clearly they will not fit my toddler. I contemplated saving them for baby #2, but since I already have too much stuff saved it seemed best to post them on Ebay. I paid $1.99 for them. I think I can make a pretty good profit.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Saving the world

DH and I don't currently own a car. (Which by the way is kind of hard. Sometimes idealism sucks) Because of this we use a car sharing thing (service? organization? club?) and sometimes find fun free stuff in these cars. Now just for the record if I found something big I would leave it or report it to lost and found. However sometimes I find fun little things like small Earth key chains that seem to have been tossed in the backseat. For those of you with a very good knowledge of Cameron Crowe movies you may remember this as the key chain that Kyra Sedgwick had in Singles, which generated some nostalgia for me. Anyway I had to save the world from a life of existing in the back seat of a Zipcar so now its my new key chain.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Free find

Above is a basket I found on the street next to a dumpster today. It was filled with Easter grass so I imagine it had its day and then was cast aside. So sad. Although its really not that exciting of a find in and of itself it might signal that its getting to be the season to leave junk on the sidewalk in front of your house (my favorite time of year) so maybe I will soon have bigger and better things to post.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Home Improvement

Recently we have embarked on a home ownership journey, which means we have all kinds of new home improvement-y things to find good deals on. One of our first projects for our new home will be to paint it. Recently at the Goodwill we found drop clothes, rollers and painters tape for what seemed like good deals (around $1-$2 each for the small stuff and $3 each for the rollers). This brings up a recent trend I have noticed at thrift stores. They seem to be supplementing their regular used wears with new dollar-store type items. This can be tricky because sometimes its overpriced and is usually lower quality than you could find at a drugstore. I am not really sure what painting supplies run, so I may not really have gotten a good deal. However it did save me a trip to the hardware store so we'll go ahead and count it just this once. Have others noticed this stuff in thrift stores now? What do you think about it - good deal or no?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

You may have heard that everything you are using is bad for you. Since having a child I have started reading way to many blogs and books about getting toxins out of your home. Because of this I have been inspired to get rid of my Tupperware and start using non-plastic water bottles. I usually just go buy a Snapple or something in a glass bottle and reuse it, but because of my nasty habit of dropping glass things I have been thinking about going for stainless steel. Unfortunately these new-fangled water bottles can run up to $20, which seems a little silly to me. However I found the below water bottle at Goodwill for $2.

I was excited. However when I got it home and used it realized why it was in the thrift store in the first place. To begin with it is totally a dribble glass. You would think it must be from a joke shop or something by the way it leaks. Secondly it tastes weird. I tried not to think too long about what it tasted like in case I could identify it and get freaked out. So back in goes to the thrift store and back I go to QFC for a Snapple.
PS - you may notice a bonus picture of my daughter in the background for all you lucky loyal readers.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back on track

Wow its been awhile. Sorry all. Things seem to be settling down plus its starting to be nice out which means garage sale season starts. Yee haw!
Just to kick off this season of thrifting I did some shopping in Colorado on vacation with Kara and ended up with some fun (if not entirely practical) finds. Below are two fun bags I got for $3 each at the Fort Collins Goodwill.

So cute no?
I recently cleared out about 6 old bags I was no longer using. I figured when your handbag collection threatens to bury you every time to try to get a new bag out you have too many. However we just bought a house and now I have all kinds of room for excess bags. Unfortunately buying the house took care of all of our excess money so I will have to find some really good deals. Strange how space and money seem to be inversely proportional. I have heard the same thing about time and money. Mmm.... I will do further research and get back to you.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hi Loyal Readers,
This month we're
1. buying a house
2. moving (see #1)
3. going on vacation
4. finishing up a lot of work towards our up coming adoption
5. dealing with illness
6. teaching a double load
7. taking care of a busy toddler

Due to the above events my blog has taken a back seat. Don't fear! I have some good finds and some upcoming posts. Hopefully next week I'll be ready to get some new posts going. Sorry all.
Just a quick apology/excuse.