Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Place, New Stuff

With our move about a month ago came the opportunity (or temptation) of all sorts of new room to furnish/fill with junk. Since we don't own a car its fairly difficult for us to acquire too many large pieces of furniture, but moving weekend we had borrowed a truck and so were free to acquire away. You would think after moving all of our stuff we would be inclined to avoid acquiring more, but inexplicable we decided to go to the thrift store to escape our home which was over loaded with unpacked boxes. While there we came across this chair:

Pretty cute, fairly compact and a good deal at $7. I also managed to get my hands on another 30% off coupon so it really only costs $5. It wasn't until we got home we realized it had a bit of a funk to it. (I guess the general thrift store smell covered it up). Luckily we had a steam cleaner borrowed from DH's parents and a half filled bottle of Febreeze left by dear previous-home-owners. This combination managed to clean out or mask the offending smell. Now the chair provides a nice reading corner in our home library.