Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Treasure in the neighborhood trash

Today I got a free Maclaren Techno XT stroller. "How does one accomplish such a task?" you may ask yourself. Well last night Dan and I were coming home from a great party at the top of Smith Tower. (Don't worry we will still want to be your friend even after hanging out with the design elite) On the way home we passed the local WIC office across the street and I saw this Maclaren stroller outside just sitting there. I thought, "wow that is a nice stroller to be sitting out at 10:30 in the middle of nowhere." Today I was walking by the aforementioned WIC office and noticed that the stroller was now out back next to the dumpster. I decided if it was still there on my way home I would take it. Really, it seemed like bad form to let such a great thing be added to the landfill. Anyway, it was still there on my way home so I grabbed it and managed to get two strollers home all by myself, one of which held a rather tired baby. I figured someone must have wanted to donate it to the WIC office, but didn't bother to find out if those people take donations first. That is the story I am telling myself anyway. I am pretty sure I didn't steal it, but I realized as I was walking away that I could possible be doing just that. Who knows, maybe someone thought the dumpster was a good place to store a $300 stroller? I wiped it down with disinfectant when we got it home and I have to say it looks and works great. Sturdier and nicer than our current stroller plus I look more like the cool urban mom I aspire to be. Dan said he thought it had a little funk to it when he was taking Hannah for a walk, but it turned out that our baby just needed a diaper change. I have to say this definitely counts as my best find this month.
PS - Sorry about the wonky picture layout. I guess I am not a computer programmer.

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