Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding Time

The Time Timer is one of my favorite parenting discoveries. This counts down time (up to an hour) visually. Its perfect for showing kids how long they have to wait for something or for doing time outs or rest time. When I first heard about this I splurged and bought one at full price. Even at $25 it was worth it to avoid having to hear "how much longer?" over and over again. Yesterday I found 3 of these at Value Village for $3 each. I bought all three. I gave one to my sister in law and have one ear marked for a friend I know would be into it. The other one I guess I will hold on until I think of someone who could get good use out of it.

Le Creuset

I've been married for 13 years and I was still using the utensil holder I got for my wedding. In that time my taste and kitchen has changed (many times over in fact). I have been looking for something that is a little more sleek and colorful then my country style pitcher I was using. I recently found this Le Creuset brand utensil holder buried amongst the flower pots at Goodwill. I liked the size and the color, although I wish it was just a little more funky. I confess I was swayed by the brand name and bought it. It cost me $2.99.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tea time

I found a cute little french tea cup by Quimper at the Goodwill yesterday. This french style pottery seems to be what Anthropologie is now duplicating, which is totally adorable. This is definitely not new condition (you may be able to see the chips in this picture) and it is missing its saucer, but still enjoyed using it this morning for coffee. Since these retail for $150 (wow!) I consider the $3.99 price a good deal.