Saturday, January 24, 2009

These Boots are Made for Splashin'

Boots are fairly essential foot ware for kids in the Northwest. There is really no stopping a preschooler from stomping in puddles when they are as plentiful as they are in Seattle, so you might as well embrace it and put those little feet in rain boots. Hannah has never had a great deal of coordination (that may come from her mother) so its only recently that she has really figured out how to walk in boots. Having these lady bug boots helps because she enjoys wearing them.

We got these free from a lost and found clean out at our friend's preschool several months ago. Basically they were going to throw out (like into the dumpster!) any lost and found stuff that didn't get taken. When he saw all the stuff being tossed he thought of me and I scored these boots as well as a yellow pair of bee boots in the next size up.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Next Generation of Savers

Hannah has a very positive association with the thrift store. For her its a place where you can dig and touch stuff without mom constantly saying "no, put that down please." While I am glad she enjoys our little trips I also find that she always wants to bring something home. I rarely say yes, but sometimes cave. (I remember from one of my psych classes in college that intermittent rewards create the strongest conditioning, so I am not doing myself any favors here.) Here she is with a pink bunny bank. I really have no idea why I would have said yes to this request and not others. It was only $1, but I think beyond that I had some fantasy that she would start saving money because of this bank. Predictably she sort of forgot about it the next day, but at least I got a cute picture out of it. (I can't remember why we were in the laundry room for this? )