Monday, August 20, 2007

Pyrex fun

I love vintage pyrex. It is the most classic collectible as far as I am concerned. Plus there is a ton of it, it seems to last well and it can still be used exactly as it was intended to be used years ago. Besides who doesn't want to feel like a 50's housewife sometimes? The pyrex pictured above are my current mixing bowls and a couple of my casserole dishes. I usually can find these for $3-7, although I have gotten some pretty good deals. The blue casserole dish above was in the free basket at a garage sale. The white bowls with the red and orange pattern is among the most common pyrex I see out there. The pattern is called friendship, which is exactly what I would like to have with the person who designed this beautiful and useful kitchen tool. I recently found a small 1 quart casserole dish in this pattern for $2 at goodwill. The only catch with these dishes is that any lids often have disappeared into the ruins of history. If you happen to find a lid for a vintage pyrex casserole, buy it. I will reimburse you for it and give you a hearty thanks. Or you can keep it, put on your house dress and high heels, add a vintage apron and prepare a tasty roast beef dinner for your husband just like in the 50s.

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